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Steering the Course


360-degree visibility for the officers over the top of the aerodynamic superstructure, with an aft-facing docking console and CCTV monitors negate the need for bridge wings with the associated windage and weight. The wheelhouse is fitted with the latest in electronic navigation and communication equipment to comply with the High Speed Craft Code.


Within one minute of lines being released the ship can be off the berth and completing a 10 degree turn before accelerating to harbour speed, and in less than three minutes she can be at 40 knots.

During manoeuvring it takes only ten seconds to change from full ahead thrust to full astern thrust; thus the ship will stop in a fraction
of the time of conventional craft.

The Wave Piercing Catamaran can make a 360 degree turn in its own length; not requiring a bow-thruster brings savings in weight, hull drag and a quieter ride at sea.