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Flexible Fitout

Incat interiors range from luxurious, glamorous lounges and glitzy cocktail bars through to the more utilitarian robust interiors designed for military and offshore workboat applications.

Materials used on high speed vessels must meet a stringent set of regulations for fire/flame retardancy, smoke development and toxicity levels. All interior fitouts are constructed and finished with attention to detail and weight saving, whilst maintaining the sturdy, easily cleaned and maintained features required in high traffic passenger areas.

Whether a single or dual class short route tourist vessel or a military vessel which could be at sea for considerable periods, the Incat fitout team tailor the interior to suit the client. Military craft can be fitted with short term berthing, a range of cabins, C4ISR area, extensive galley and crew facility areas.

The 112 metre and larger vessels can be fitted with escalators or elevators to move passengers from vehicle deck to lounge levels.