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Incat has come a long way since the September 1977 launch of our first high-speed catamaran at Prince of Wales Bay in Tasmania, 200 metres from our present site. The journey forward takes us through to today’s generation of large Ro-Pax wave piercing catamarans, including the world’s fastest ship, which is also the world’s first high speed Ro-Pax ferry operated on environmentally friendly LNG.

Early challenges, with the introduction to service of prototype craft, were met and  improvements made on production vessels. Our aim is to continue to improve the breed. The desire to improve is evident in our dedicated designers and tradespeople,  ensuring  that each ship delivered is significantly better than the last.

With four building halls, extensive wharf facilities, a slipway and two dry-dock areas, Incat boasts innovative production facilities to construct, launch and deliver small craft through to larger ships of 150 metres length and of panamax beam.

With Incat vessels proven in regular service we have achieved an excellent  reputation for safety, speed, reliability, efficiency  and  ride. These factors, and importantly passenger comfort, are paramount to us in designing and constructing the world’s best fast ships.

Applications are diverse; whether commuter ferries, large passenger and freight ships, military and coastguard craft, or workboats for the offshore industry; whether it’s for calm waters or heavy seas, the Incat product offers optimum transport solutions.

Change in the shipping world’s environmental regulations is a positive for Incat and the high speed industry. Our design and engineering team have long been focused on maximising efficiency and fuel economy, and will continue to lead the way.

The advantage of lightweight construction can be a bonus whether it is for high speed or with lower installed power and lower speed for an economical fuel saving operation.

Talk to our team about what Incat can offer for your transport service.

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